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New play theme by Hatiye Garip: Happy Parts & Mushroom Town

Physical Movement, Everyday Objects

Use physical movements and daily colorful objects to create original visuals and playscapes with MONNOM

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Playtimes are
more active and more creative

MONNOM is a novel digitally-enhanced narrative environment that activates children to physically move while they create their own rules and play materials.
  • Where?

    With Monnom, everywhere becomes a playground, for example a room of the house, school's garden, a corner of the museum

  • How?

    Children can use MONNOM individually or as a group to set up creative play and art projects using their physical movements and in their colorful daily objects.

  • Why?

    Because children need digital environments that improve their movement and creativity. Monnom offers children these in a safe digital play experience.

Pillow in the physical environment,
Fish in the digital environment

How MONNOM works?

MONNOM perceives select objects in the children’s everyday environment with parameters of color and depth, translates them to digital patterns on a screen. You don’t need any digital attachments. Just a computer, tablet or cellphone with a webcam is enough.

  • Camera

    Place your device on a flat surface in an environment with sufficient light. Monnom works with front cameras on mobile devices. 

  • Objects

    Prepare objects with blue, red, yellow, green colors. You can also start the game with an object. However, the more objects there are, the more options you will have.

  • Physical Movement

    You can start a play by moving objects within the space.

Play and Learn

MONNOM's technology helps children use their fine and gross motor skills and transform their select objects into digital narrative tools. We offer online/offline play solutions to preschool institutions and primary schools to support their curriculum in cooperation with teachers. 

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MONNOM allows children to create original visuals and playscapes they dream of using physical and digital media simultaneously. We offer rich artistic content online/offline plays in cooperation with the learning programs of the museum. 
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In these papers, we present studies exploring digital augmentation as an integral part of spatial experience in children’s play with physical objects. Our studies suggest a set of qualities to think about interaction design for children’s play and future research.

The Magic Mode of Everyday Objects: Bridging the Digital and Physical Environments of Play with Monnom

Authors: Ipek Kay, Gizem Ünlü, Mine Özkar

FabLearn Europe / MakeEd 2021
An International Conference on Computing, Design and Making in Education - June 2021

For Read

An Exploration of Interactivity and Tangibles in Blended Play Environments

Authors: Ipek Kay, Mine Özkar

Game + Design Education
PUDCAD Universal Design Education Practice Conference - June 2020

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Multidisciplinary team of MONNOM

Co-Founder / Designer

Co-Founder / Advisor

Sofware Development Engineer

Digital Product Designer

Developmental Psychology Specialist

Co-Founder / Designer

Co-Founder / Advisor

Sofware Development Engineer

Digital Product Designer

Psychology Specialist